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Model Creators

Model Creators in Rockaway, NJ

We have a 40-year history with model creation, specializing in rapid prototyping and quick-turn-around short production runs. We handle an extensive range of related services, as well, including design and development, CNC machining, 3D printing, paint and finishing, plastic fabrication, and much, much more.
Model Creation

Design and Development

Whether you’re in the initial stages of manifesting an idea, or you’re ready move into mass production – or if you have a stubborn obstacle to overcome – you can benefit from our experience as a model-making company. We’ll work from a rendering, CAD file, or a rough sketch.

Production Runs

A customized approach to your short production run translates into quick turnarounds and cost-efficiency. We take advantage of a full range of production processes and incorporate stock items whenever possible to cut costs and save time.
Model Creators
Model-Making Company

Rapid Prototypes

We were in the business of rapid prototyping long before it became synonymous with 3D printing. We draw on a full range of processes, and we’ll identify the quickest, most cost-efficient method to create your unique prototype. SEE OUR PROCESSES BLOG

Our team of model creators has extensive experience spanning the last 40 years.

More than just a 3D printer.
  • Reliable, professional, creative and competent are the words often used when speaking of them. If your business needs a one-off model or a small production run, you’ll not find a better source.– Dan Riley, Director of Project Development, Display Technologies
  • When timing is critical they have always gone the extra mile to insure that my prototyping needs are delivered to me on time or earlier on a consistent basis. – Pat Sparks, Model Shop Manager, Transworld Marketing
  • Their knowledge of mass production methods give us the confidence to know that what we show a client in prototype form can actually be produced efficiently.– Andy Coker, Senior Project Manager, LG&P In-Store Agency
  • Their quality of work, as well as the partnership they foster in each program, gives a confident sense of everything being taken care of in a manner that will always outperform our expectations.David Fraser, Permanent Display Manager, ARX Display, formerly of Sonoco Display & Packaging

We’ve been in business since 1972 (originally DBA Tom Ponte Model Makers) and we’ve earned an exceptional reputation for speed and reliability. Our clients include many of today’s POP display industry leaders, along with aerospace and other high tech firms, packaging and tradeshow exhibit companies, artists, inventors, and numerous non-profit and government agencies.

We do more than 3D printing and CNC machining. We make full use of a wide variety of processes, including plastic fabrication, thermoforming, and painting. We use a tailored approach to create unique objects, big or small, simple or sophisticated. We can de-bug existing prototypes, modify designs to make them mass production friendly, and tailor units to highlight specific features.
Our Rockaway NJ shop is in a late 19th-century brick factory building with wooden floors, lots of natural light, and 12-foot ceilings. In addition to space for design, consultation and product development work, we have a full woodworking shop, in-house thermoforming, painting, traditional and CNC machining, and more! We have century-old machines alongside brand new machines, and we use them all.