Acuvue – Tinted Transparency
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 1
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 2
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 3
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 4
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 5
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 6
Acuvue – Tinted Transparency 7

Acuvue – Tinted Transparency

July 30, 2019
A prototype of an injection molded display case for contact lenses, designed by Sonoco Corrflex. The unit is designed to be molded as 9 smaller parts in mass production – six pieces riveted together to form the main body, plus the door, and two slide-on feet. For the prototype, stock transparent blue acrylic sheet was machined and solvent welded to build up the simulated molded parts. The separate parts were then riveted together as they would be in production, using powder coated metal angles pocketed into the corners. The slide-on feet were 3D printed, and painted to color-match the powder coated metal angles. The frosted portions of the simulated molded parts were created by sanding the transparent blue stock, with the exception of the matched Acuvue logos on the sides and door, which were rub-on vinyl transfers.  The unit is designed to accommodate sliding dividers. Pockets molded above each shelf accept lengths of the extruded channels, which function as tracks for the dividers, creating a highly adaptable facing. For the prototype, the dividers were fabricated from PETG, and we used stock price channel to simulate the extruded track. We prototyped several iterations of this display case over a () year period. Some incorporated a slightly different corner bracket design, others we designed with the body molded in one piece. We produced a total of 12 prototypes.

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