Marotta Missile
Marotta Missile 7

Marotta Missile

July 30, 2019
Marotta Controls wanted a ‘generic missile’ to showcase their high tech components at tradeshows… We made the body of the missile from stock tubing, and created a lighted bulkhead to close off the viewing area. The contoured rear fins and a black ‘brain’ case for Marotta’s actuator controls were 3D printed, painted, and fitted out with stock hardware, wire braid and connecters. The tapered front fins were machined from flat stock. The nose cone was made from solid pattern board turned on our lathe, and capped with a polished acrylic dome, also created on our lathe, to create the missile’s ‘eye.’ The ‘eye’ circuit board was salvaged from an old computer. After a successful turn at a tradeshow, this exhibit was returned to us – so that we could make it show even more of Marotta’s components! We disassembled the missile, cut a new hole, re-painted, built and installed a cut-away model of the new component (from tubing and old circuit boards) added another lighted bulkhead, and wired it with more of the same wire braid. The lettering, logo and grey striping (vinyl transfers) were removed, re-sized, re-oriented and replaced. We rebuilt the base at this time also, to accommodate additional LED lighting that shone up onto the missile body.

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