Pharmaceutical Trade Show Exhibit
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Pharmaceutical Trade Show Exhibit

July 30, 2019
These giant blue and yellow models of specific pharmaceutical molecules and two-sided purple video monitor shrouds were part of a traveling pharmaceutical trade show exhibit designed and built by Loran Associates. We made the molecules by CNC cutting XPS foam layers, and pinning and bonding them together with contact cement. We filled, primed, and sanded, and painted them with color-matched latex. Because of their delicate shape, the blue molecules were built around a CNC cut plywood armature that we designed. We built the two-sided monitor shrouds with CNC cut MDF layers, faced front and back with a layer of flame-textured XPS foam, filled, primed, sanded, and painted with color-matched purple latex.  The blue and yellow molecules were different thicknesses but socketed into the purple shrouds interchangeably. The blue ones fastened down with a threaded rod and knob hidden in the top. We made a total of four yellow and two blue molecules, and six of the purple monitor shrouds.

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