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Breathe Right Trade Show Display

July 31, 2019

Breathe Right Strips information kiosk incorporating base/video monitor riser fabricated from birch plywood and wiggleboard covered with two different color high pressure laminates, large clear nose housing simulated cartilage, and tracking LED lights to simulate airflow.  The large clear nose is composed of 3/16″ PETG vacuum formed over a hand carved urethane foam/styrene skinned pattern.  This kiosk was designed and engineered from a rough sketch, assembled, wired, and crated for shipping in our Rockaway NJ facility.

BAND-AID & Cynthia Rowley Floorstand

July 31, 2019

Clear acrylic product trays fixed to motion-sensor activated light panels, in a brushed metal frame. White acrylic base. Cynthia Rowley’s artwork for the campaign was applied to the base as vinyl transfers and printed directly onto clear acrylic to create the display’s main lighted panel. We cut and solvent welded all acrylic components from stock sheet. The battery access door was our design. We built and wired a total of five units, and crated them for shipping.

Pharmaceutical Trade Show Exhibit

July 30, 2019

These giant blue and yellow models of specific pharmaceutical molecules and two-sided purple video monitor shrouds were part of a traveling pharmaceutical trade show exhibit designed and built by Loran Associates. We made the molecules by CNC cutting XPS foam layers, and pinning and bonding them together with contact cement. We filled, primed, and sanded, and painted them with color-matched latex. Because of their delicate shape, the blue molecules were built around a CNC cut plywood armature that we designed. We built the two-sided monitor shrouds with CNC cut MDF layers, faced front and back with a layer of flame-textured... View Article

Acuvue – Tinted Transparency

July 30, 2019

A prototype of an injection molded display case for contact lenses, designed by Sonoco Corrflex. The unit is designed to be molded as 9 smaller parts in mass production – six pieces riveted together to form the main body, plus the door, and two slide-on feet. For the prototype, stock transparent blue acrylic sheet was machined and solvent welded to build up the simulated molded parts. The separate parts were then riveted together as they would be in production, using powder coated metal angles pocketed into the corners. The slide-on feet were 3D printed, and painted to color-match the powder... View Article

Marotta Missile

July 30, 2019

Marotta Controls wanted a ‘generic missile’ to showcase their high tech components at tradeshows… We made the body of the missile from stock tubing, and created a lighted bulkhead to close off the viewing area. The contoured rear fins and a black ‘brain’ case for Marotta’s actuator controls were 3D printed, painted, and fitted out with stock hardware, wire braid and connecters. The tapered front fins were machined from flat stock. The nose cone was made from solid pattern board turned on our lathe, and capped with a polished acrylic dome, also created on our lathe, to create the missile’s ‘eye.’... View Article

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