Prototype Designer in Rockaway, NJ

Getting the idea in your head down on paper is a struggle. Taking that design and bringing it to life as a tangible, physical product is even more difficult without the right prototype consultant on your side. It’s why customers turn to Model Makers, Inc. in Rockaway, NJ when they’re trying to fabricate a new concept or iterate on an unproven design and need model prototyping that works.Our experience with rapid prototypes means we’re well-equipped to help you every step of the way. We’re not just a process consultant; we’re prototype designers, creators and innovators. Bring us your concepts for unique prototypes, design specifications, application requirements and anything else needed, and we’ll get to work taking your idea from concept to creation.

Prototype Consultation

The prototyping process demands patience, yet quickness. Our team understands the urgency associated with new product development and component design, and we’re able to act quickly without compromising the integrity of your design. We’ll work with you to determine if the current alpha design is viable, possible materials and substrates, means of production, assembly considerations and more. We’re confident in our ability to realize your prototype design quickly and with consideration to every technical demand.

Prototype Design

Have an idea but no design? Our prototype designers are skilled in understanding use-cases and applications, and can mold your idea into a tangible design that meets expectations. We’ve worked on prototype designs for a broad range of projects. We’re prepared to provide schematics and documentation, as well as tolerances and material characteristics, so you have all the information you need to move forward on prototype production. We craft large plastic prototypes, wood prototyping, and beyond.

Rapid Prototypes

No matter the material or the complexity of the project, we pride ourselves in being able to take your prototype design and make it real. Whether it was designed and developed in-house or you’re bringing us plans from an outside developer, rest assured our comprehensive capabilities will lead to the production of a finished, working prototype.

From Conception to Creation

Looking for a prototype consultant to get your concept off the ground? Contact us today at 973-627-5906 to learn more about our rapid prototype capabilities or to get started on your multi-process custom prototypes today. Don’t forget about our related services, which include thermoforming, printing and graphics, vacuum forming, and much more.